Political Stuff 2016

As the author of this blog I do solemnly swear: that I will work to write objectively and honestly, and that I will not mislead the reader with paltry partisan banter best left to rants; that I will promote intellectualism and curiosity; that I will foster an environment in which logic and reason prevail above knee-jerk emotional reactions; that I will never nonchalantly use the indictment of 'racist', 'sexist', 'homophobic', etc. to quickly end a discussion or damn a person with whom I do not agree; that I will always examine each side of a position, rather than allowing my own political leanings to dictate where I stand; that I will never intentionally take things out of context so as to bolster an argument; that I will never knowingly promote falsehoods; that I will promote, to the best of my ability, intelligent and respectful discussion/debate/disagreement; finally, that I will work on my blog-naming skills.


I want to begin by articulating why I’m doing this (I’m sitting up at 2 A.M., writing content that may well never be read; my rational mind needs a reason).

The answer has a few different parts. Firstly, because the Internet provides a unique opportunity: it is a great and gaping void into which one can shout opinions in relative anonymity. There is no need to worry about parents or friends growing annoyed with your political banter. There is no fear of immediately dissolving a relationship by broaching a volatile subject and subsequently disagreeing with the other person’s stance on the matter. I’ve come here to articulate my opinions, if not for the world to know than for me to more thoroughly understand.

Most importantly, though, this is for fun. For posterity. To create an online time capsule of the fever dream that is 2016. And if, along the way, I can change one person’s mind; if I can make one person think about something they never thought about before; if I can make one person’s day, this is a success.

I aim to both inform and debate. I intend to approach issues as objectively as possible, and to propose common-sense solutions removed from partisan influence (though it is possible that my views align with those of a major U.S. party). Expect to see my arguments for and/or against certain candidates or policies; I will not knowingly distort or stretch the truth in order to make a point, but will do my best to offer the facts, followed by personal opinion and interpretation. Expect to read discussions on Social Politics (think, topics commonly discussed by feminists), Religious Politics, Fiscal Politics, ‘Conspiracy’ Politics (think, stuff that sounds really out there but makes for interesting food for thought), and this year’s election cycle.

I want to thank you for visiting, and invite you to follow my blog, shoot me an email (politicalstuff2016@gmail.com), or leave a comment!

Thanks, and best wishes,